Shaygan Dadeh Electric Pooyesh is a knowledge-based company (consisting of electrical, mechanical and computer engineers) due to strong organization based on experience, up-to-date technical knowledge, excellent expertise along with honesty, potential of skilled experts in manufacturing SSR relays, industrial automation And manufacturing industrial testing and design devices.
The technical team of this company guarantees the implementation of large projects in all stages of work in accordance with the standards and quality desired by the employer.

Areas of Activity:

  • Electrical design of all types of electronic components
  • PLC programming
  • industrial automation
  • Manufacture of industrial and laboratory testing devices
  • Remote control of production lines
  • Gather information and track products

This company started its activity in two fields of power electronics and manufacturing production lines and device manufacturing by manufacturing testing devices and assembly lines of some auto parts for Basa Pars Sanat Company. Manufactured test devices are: Turbocharger Proportional Valve Test Machine, Turbocharger High Pressure Leak Testing Machine, Power Steering Pump Leak Testing Machine, Hydraulic Steering Pump Performance Testing Machine and Vacuum Turbocharger Leak Testing Machine and Production Lines are: Car water pump assembly line

Company Members

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