Air Leak Tester

Air Leak Tester
06 May

The Air leak testing equipment is used in most industries that intend to check the leakage of a part (chamber) and also the leakage of a parts after assembling. This device is especially used in industries where the customer requires that part to comply with the standard. For example, SAPCO does this for all Iran Khodro parts manufacturers (Iran Khodro Customer, part manufacturer). This device is used in the automotive, oil and gas industries, etc.

knowledge base Shaygan Dadeh Electric Pooyesh Company, a manufacturer of various types of leak testing devices that can compete with foreign samples of Ateq, Fortest, etc., is ready to place orders for leakage testing machines of production lines. So far, this company has delivered all types of leakage testing devices to Basa Pars Sanat, Basa Tond Shar, Bonyan Sanat Aval, Kian Mobadel Pars and Etehadiye Novin (Avrand) companies and has SAPCO method approval. It is also designing and manufacturing leakage testing machines for companies such as Parsa Yaran Khorasan, Basa Pars Sanat and Basa Tond Shar.

General specifications of leak testing devices:

– Air leak testing device for all types of parts

– Capability to adjust the test pressure to a specified range

– Capability to set Dump – Leak – Stable – Fill times

-Capability to adjust the allowable leakage rate both in terms of Pascal criteria and in terms of volume per minute

-Capability to display and announce test results in the range of rejection-critical-confirmation

 – Capability to enter coefficients to calibrate sensors from within the HMI

– Capability to perform high accuracy testing (refer to the technical specifications of each device)

– Capability to store and report performance results

– Capability to save results on Excel via flash memory

– Capability to send information on the network

– Capability to control the device, including start and stop from within the HMI

– Capability to set a password

– Input for barcode reader

– Capability to enable and disable the barcode reader

– Capability to plan for multiple pieces

At present, six types of leak testing devices have been made by this company, each of which has been delivered to the number requested by the customers.

Portfolio of Shaygan Company:

– Westgate leak testing of Baspar Sazeh Composite Company

– Leak testing of car tank of Parsayaran Khorasan Company

– Leak testing of turbo charger pipes of Basa Pars Sanat Company

– Leak testing of cvvt assembly line of Basa Pars Sanat Company (contract in progress)

– Leak testing of oil cooler module of Kian Mobdal Pars Company

– Water pump leak testing of Binan Sanat Aval Company

– Leak testing of car lights of “Etehadie Novin” company

– Leak testing of turbocharger line of Basa Tond Shar company

– Leak testing of steering hydraulic pump of Basa Pars Sanat Company

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